July 05, 2007

Wisconsin Referenda

It has been brought to my attention by two people with the political savvy I said was needed that the statewide referendum in Wisconsin is far mor limited than I understood it to be. I'm open to suggertions as to what can be done with this blogspace and the support it has engendered.

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If You Can't Beat'em. Referend'em

The state legislature of Wisconsin has twice passed a Personal Protection Act which provided licensed recognition of the right of Wisconsinites to bear arms. Both times the governor vetoed it, and both times the veto was sustained because of the clout which campaign money from the teacher's union and the gambling interests gives the governor. As long as Doyle remains in office concealed carry will not get thru the legislature. The Wisconsin constitution provides another means by which laws can be enacted, popular referendum. I am therefore hereby calling for a referendum to make the Person Protection Act, as passed by the legislature, active law in Wisconsin.

My wife and I hold the belief that it is incumbant upon the person who has an idea to carry it out. Unfortunately, I have neither the political savvy nor the right sort of visibility to run this campaign. Since I cannot put the bell onto the cat, I will provide the string with which to hang it. I have created this blog to serve as a center for the campaign, and will provide access to it for whoever steps forward to run this campaign.

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